Ergan Winter Sports Center

Ergan Winter Sports Center is located in Erzincan which is eastern part of Turkey. Ergan is situated on a mountain chain with a length is 200 km and width varies between 15 and 45 km. These mountains are named Munzur Mountains. There are tens of peaks which can be as high as 3000m. on these mountains. This is a unique opportunity for trans tour skiers around the world. There are altitude distinctness around 2200-2300 m. between Mercan Mountain chain and low plains. This unique feature gives a great skiing opportunity in the months of January, February and March. The center is on Mercan (Munzur) Mountain chains, 15km south of the city center. The height of the mountain is around 3300 m. On Ergan Ski Center and subsequent mountain chains, there is no ringe necessity. Thus all the hillsides are suitable for the smashing ski pleaure. This makes the center a bit more different from other ski centers in the world, because it provides the skiers with almost an indefinite skiing opportunity. The resort has four facilities for different needs: Two cafe’s, one restaurant and equipment rental.